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Durable fire-retardant paint for wood "OGNEZA-UM-D"

Durable fire-retardant paint for wood

350 руб/кг

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Fire protection effectiveness I-st and II-nd group 
Fire hazard class КМ1
application temperature from -25°С to +35°С
Coating operating temperature  from -40°С to +60°С
The degree of swelling 3000%
drying time up to 24h
frost-resistance does not freeze
Color white with splashes
Period of Fire Resistance up to 1,5h
Packaging bucket of 3 kg., 20 kg bucket., 200 kg barrel.
Manufacturer country Russia


ОГНЕЗА-УМ-Д, испытанный огнем образецApplication area

For fire protection products and structures made of solid wood.
Wooden or laminate flooring (including scenes)
For surfaces exposed to systematic mechanical stress, exposure to water and detergent.
Can be used on concrete (including colored alkyd, oil, and water-dispersion paints and enamels) surfaces to reduce the fire risk areas.
For emergency exits and stairs.


  1. Frost resistant (possibly by applying -10 ° C to + 60 ° C)

  2. It has high hardness, wear resistance.

  3. Resistant to chemicals.

  4. Not exposed to extreme ultraviolet radiation in and alternating loads, which allows the use of the coating in atmospheric conditions.

  5. It has anti-static properties and the specific structure of the surface with a slight effect of "metallic".

Recommendations for application

Before use, the paint is stirred and diluted with a solvent to a viscosity P4 depending on the application, if necessary. Recommended application of paint on pre-primed surfaces 20 microns thick brush, roller or pneumatic spray in one layer.

Fire resistance table

Paint consumption, kg / m.

Fire protection effectiveness

0,52 I grade
0,3 II grade