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Firestop collar "OGNEZA-PM-K" as part of the cable penetration

Firestop collar

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Operating temperature -50°С to +80°С
Expansion temperature  +150°С
The degree of fire resistance EIT 180
Swelling coefficient, not less than% 900
Fire resistance EI minutes 180
Full 4
Color light gray, red
Manufacturer country Russia



Firestop cable collar «OGNEZA-PM-K» are used to stop the spread of fire in places where cables are laid and cable systems; pipelines, supporting technological and engineering systems through walls, ceilings and other building constructions. Suitable facilities for any purpose, with the cable lines. In case of fire prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the adjacent rooms. The product is equipped with a convenient snap-lock which makes it easy to install firestop cable collar for any pipelines and cables. Firestop cable collars have a fire resistance of at least 180 minutes. And begin to operate within 15 seconds, when a temperature over + 150 ° C. Products are made of high quality material and covered with rust powder coating. You can buy firestop cable collar and for 30 years not worry about the safety of your family and property.

Application area:

Used to prevent the spread of fire through cable communications and holes through walls and ceilings in accordance with the fire resistance of different rooms purpose and all types of buildings, from private to public and industrial.


  • High Fire resistance
  • Collar body is detachable and has a snap-lock that allows you to install on the already laid cable lines and simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the product.
  • All metal parts are powder coated, which protects the product against corrosion.
  • Fire retardant liner starts to work at the 15th second of achieving 150C temperature
  • Long lifetime — 30 years at temperatures from −50 to + 80 ° C

Operating principle:

Inside the firestop collar «OGNEZA PM-K» tape material, capable of ten times to grow three-dimensionally at high temperatures (150 ° C) to form a non-combustible layer. This reaction occurs in Collar body, formed material fire-retardant layer its volume completely covers the cable insulation, which makes it impossible to continue the spread of fire to neighboring premises by cable lines through the ceiling or wall. Swelling ratio of not less than 90 (900%). Expanding the web material begins to increase in volume by 15 seconds of reaching the temperature of 150 ° C, and 4 minutes completely covers the hole where the cable is laid.

Transport and Storage:

All components of the firestop cable collar packed and delivered in a box. Each packaging weight isn`t more than 15 kg. Transport and storage temperature from −50C to + 60C. Goods may be delivered by any type of transport, which ensures the safety of containers.

Packaging / volume:


Installation recommendations:

Firestop cable collar is used for cable lines laid in a metal tube, and without it, through the walls of at least 100 mm thickness. Suitable for single cable and cable bundle. Firestop cable collar are mounted on both sides in a metal sleeve in the wall. In case of the absence of coupling sleeve it is can be mounted in the opening in which fits a pre-wadded mineral material. The collar housing is mounted inside the wall or ceiling, or outside, depends on the mounting method. The collar is mounted in to the wall or soffit, with metal dowels or anchor bolts. Collar have separable body, which making it easy to carry out assembly and disassembly of the cable collar.


40/20; 50; 65; 80; 90; 110; 125