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Frost-resistant fire-retardant paint "OGNEZA-UM"

Frost-resistant fire-retardant paint

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Fire protection 3rd и 4rd group (60 and 90 minut)
Fire hazard class KM1
Application temperature from -25°С to +40°С
Coating operating temperature -40°С to +60°С
The degree of swelling 2000-4000%
Drying time Up to 24h
Frost-resistance Does not freeze
Color White, light gray
Fire Resistance Up to 1.5h
Packaging Bucket 20 kg, 25 kg
Manufacturer country Russia



OGNEZA-UM — universal frost-resistant fire-retardant paint on organic basis. It is used to achieve the required level of fire resistance of metal and wooden structures. The paint has good adhesion to various materials.

This universal fire-retardant paint is suitable for use even at low temperatures (down to −25 ° C). The product is certified according to the technical regulations for fire safety requirements (federal law of 22.07.2008 number 123-FZ). Paint is available in white and light gray colors.

Application area:

It is used for fire protection of load-bearing and enclosing structures of industrial buildings, metallic ducts in ventilation systems, air-conditioning, smoke removals, which operate at temperatures from −40 ° C to + 60 ° C, provide fire resistance up to 90 minutes.

Due to the fact that the universal paint made from a mixture of organic solvents, it may be used in the winter, when the temperature is up to −25 ° C! Moreover, the freshly applied paint is not washed away by precipitation.


  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials: metal, wood, concrete, brick, plastic, etc.).
  • Continuous fire-resistance — up to 90 min.
  • UV resistance.
  • Durability
  • Weatherproof
  • Frost-resistant (possible storage, transportation and application of paints at low temperatures)

Operating principle:

In case of fire, at high temperatures (above + 1500C) components of the paint react, accompanied by vigorous coating expansion (expands 20-40 times) and its subsequent solidification.

On the treated surface is formed fire-retardant layer, which blocks fire to affect on the construction . The resulting material has low thermal conductivity, which protects the treated surface from thermal damage.

Transport and Storage:

The paint is frost-resistant.

Shelf life of the universal fire retardant paint «OGNEZA-UM» is 12 months. Use in accordance with the instructions for use.

Transport and storage at temperatures from −25 ° C to + 40 ° C. Transport can be carried out by all types of transport, which ensures the safety of containers.

Packaging / volume:

Bucket 20 kg, 25 kg


Before use, the paint must be stirred and, if needed, breed with a solvent P4 to a working viscosity, depending on the application method. Metal surfaces must be primed (primer GF-021, VL-02) to get thickness of 50 microns. For priming use brush, roller or pneumatic spray in 2 layers.

Fire resistance table

Metal thickness, mm

Coating thickness, mm

Paint consumption, kg/m2

Fire resistance, min.

3,4 (I-beams №20) 1,8 2,7 60
3,4 (I-beams №20) 2,3 3,2 90