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Sealant "OGNEZA-GT"


255 руб/шт

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Characteristics 25 min
t° of use from +5°С to +60°С
t° operating from -40°С to +100°С
Fire resistance +1300°С
Fire resistance period Up to 2 hours
Frost-resistance 3 freezing cycle
The density 1,0-1,2 g/sm3
Deformation resistance +/- 20%
Color Gray
Manufacturer country Russia


Герметик "ОГНЕЗА-ГТ" в составе кабельной проходки Description:

Acrylic Sealant «OGNEZA-GT» is one-component flame retardant material for mounting inside a fire-hazardous premises. Intumescent sealant «OGNEZA-GT» provides resistance to high-temperature limit of up to 2 hours. It prevents the spread of flames and smoke through the walls and floors of buildings. Indispensable to create fire barriers to protect plaster walls, the floor, walls and ceiling. It is also used to align the structural joints in the joints of metal, wood, stone, handling ventilation and cable systems.

Application area:

Fire retardant intumescent sealant is used to create a seal in the joints and other cavities (walls, ceilings, and fireproof constructions: partitions, doors, windows, ducts, etc..) inside of combustible areas. Also used for easy installation of firestop cable collar at the intersection with electrical cables and barriers walling. Sealant «OGNEZA-GT» provides fire resistance of not less than 2 hours to localize the spread of fire and smoke.

Теплоизоляционная "шуба", образованная герметиком "ОГНЕЗА-ГТ" под воздействием повышенных температурBenefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials: metal, wood, concrete, brick, plastic, etc.).
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Quick drying
  • Durability
  • Humidity-resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • Frost-resistance
  • Provides fire and explosion safety
  • Prevents the spread of fire and smoke during a fire.

Operating principle:

During a fire at high temperatures (200 ° C) flame retardant sealant starts immediately swelling, expanding three-dimensionally, thereby prevents the spread of fire and smoke to adjoining rooms through gaps, cracks and other openings sealed with sealant.

Transport and Storage:

Sealant is frost-resistant. Can handle three cycles of freezing, before use should be kept at room temperature.

Shelf life of fire-retardant acrylic sealant «OGNEZA-GT» 12 months in their original packaging. Use in accordance with the instructions for use. Transport and storage at temperatures from −18 ° C to + 35 ° C. Transport can be carried out by all types of transport, ensuring the safety of containers.

Transport and storage at temperatures from −18 ° C to + 35 ° C. Transport can be carried out by all modes of transport, which ensures the safety of containers.

Packaging / volume:

Cartridge 310 ml. / bucket 3 kg.


Before use, you need to keep sealant at room temperature.

Sealant is applied by gun, brush, etc.

Clean the surface from dirt and dust, degrease if necessary.

Fill sealing joints, cracks, gaps. In wide seams you should fill the void with mineral wool and then fill with sealant.

Align and seal the joints with a spatula wetted with water within next 25 minutes after applying the sealant.

The final drying of the layer thickness of 3 mm occurs for 24 hours, 1 mm. Behind 8hours (at + 20 ° C).