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Fire-retardant paint for wood "OGNEZA-VD-D" 1kg.

Fire-retardant paint for wood

270 руб/кг

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Fire protection effectiveness I-st and II-nd group
Application temperature from +5°С to +40 °С
Coating operating temperature from -40°С  to +50 °С
The degree of swelling 2000-5000% 
drying time

up to 24h

freezing cycles at least 5
Color white
Period of Fire Resistance up to 90 min
Packaging bucket 3 kg, 25 kg; tank 250 kg
Manufacturer country Russia

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ОГНЕЗА-ВД-Д, испытанный огнем образецApplication area

Painting "Ogneza-VD-D" is designed to produce nonflammable wood. It is used for the treatment of roof systems, attic, attics, etc. The protective effect is due to specially selected composition, after staining forming an elastic film swells under the influence of high temperatures (above 200 ° C) temperatures and create a stable and extinguishing expanded thermal insulation layer.

Recommendations on Application

The application of paint is carried out using a pneumatic spray or brush, roller or bulk layer 2-4 (depending on the application).
Intermediate drying each layer at a temperature of 20 (± 2) ° C - 4-8chasov.
Before use, the paint is thoroughly mixed and diluted to application viscosity with water if needed (not more than 5% by weight).

The application of paint at a temperature between 5 ° C to 40 ° C at a relative humidity of 80%.

The final formation of a flame retardant coating takes place 7 days after the paint application.

Fire resistance table

paint consumption, kg / m.

Fire protection effectiveness

0,52 Grade I
0,3 Grade II