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Fire-retardant paint for the cable lines "OGNEZA-VD-K"


Fire-retardant paint for the cable lines Fire-retardant paint for the cable lines

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Fire protection effectiveness GOST 53311-2009 
Application temperature from +5°С to +40 °С
Coating operating temperature from -40°С to +50 °С
Swelling rate 2000-5000% 
Drying time to 24h
Freezing cycles At least 5
Color White
Consumption kg / m 0,96 
Recommended layer thickness, mm 0,64
Packaging Bucket 3 kg., 25 kg., 250 kg barrel.
Manufacturer country Russia




Paint «OGNEZA-VD-K» is used for fire protection of all types of cables with plastic and rubber covering. Effectively isolates the cable from the fire and high temperatures.

Application area:

It is used in buildings and various premises with high requirements for fire safety, including evacuation routes.
It is used to protect the power, control cables and other rubber, plastic or polymeric covering;

  • To reduce the fire hazard of cable lines;
  • To increase the degree of flammability of rubber, plastic and PVC-cables;
  • To protect against fire and the prevention of the spread of fire along the cable lines.


  1. Excellent elasticity. The paint stays on the surface of the cable in any manipulation.
  2. Stability to moisture (does not change its properties at a constant 80% humidity).
  3. Easy for application.
  4. It has excellent adhesion, even to materials based on polyethylene

Operating principle:

When exposed to heat and flame on the cable paint expands three-dimensionally, creating a dense protective layer which prevents the penetration of fire and to heat the surface of the cable, thereby preventing burning of the cable sheath.

Transport and Storage:

The shelf life of the paint «OGNEZA-VD-K» 12 months.
Transport and storage at a temperature of −30 ° C to + 40 ° C. Can be stored and transported at low temperatures. Braves at least five cycles of «freeze-thaw» without loss of properties. Transport can be carried out by all modes of transport, ensuring the safety of containers.
Use in accordance with the instructions for use.


Bucket 3 kg., 25 kg., 250 kg barrel.


The surface of the cable pre-cleaned from dust, dirt, grease. If necessary, the abrasive surface is smoothed mechanically. The application of paint at a temperature between + 5 ° C to 40 ° C at 80% relative humidity.

  1. Before applying the paint must be thoroughly mixed and optionally diluted with water to a viscosity (not more than 5% by weight).
  2. Apply paint recommended by pneumatic sprayer, brush, roller or trowel layer 2-4 (depending on the application).
  3. Intermediate drying each layer at a temperature of 20 (± 2) ° C — 24h.

The final formation of a flame retardant coating takes place 7 days after the paint application.