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Frost-resistant fire-retardant paint "OGNEZA-VD-M"

Frost-resistant fire-retardant paint Frost-resistant fire-retardant paint

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Characteristics 3rd и 4rd group (60 and 90 minut)
application temperature from +5°С to +40°С
Coating operating temperature -40°С to +50°С
The degree of swelling 2000-5000% 
Drying time Up to 24h
Frost-resistance (freezing cycles) At least 5
Color white
Fire Resistance Up to 90 minutes
Packaging Bucket 25 kg, Barrel 250 kg
Manufacturer country Russia



Fire-retardant paint «OGNEZA-VD-M» water-based and designed to provide the required fire resistance of steel constructions in all kinds of industrial and civil objects with increased requirements for explosion and fire safety.

Application area:

Paint «OGNEZA-VD-M» is designed to protect against thermal effects of metal constructions, which are not exposed to precipitation during operation and have no direct contact with the ground. Fire retardant effect provided by a specially selected composition, after staining, paint forms an elastic membrane which swells under the influence of high temperatures (above 200 ° C) and create a thick heat insulating fire-retardant layer.


  • Continuous fire-resistance — up to 90 min.
  • Durability
  • Paint can withstand at least five cycles of «freeze-thaw» without loss of properties

Operating principle:

In case of fire, at high temperatures (above 200 ° C) material included in the paint swell, forming a thick layer of heat insulating fire-retardant layer, that blocks the effects of fire on the metal surface.

Transport and Storage:

Shelf life of the fire retardant paint «OGNEZA-VD-M» is 12 months. Use in accordance with the instructions for use.

Transport and storage at temperatures from −25 ° C to + 40 ° C. Can be stored and transported at low temperatures. Paint can withstand at least five cycles of «freeze-thaw» without loss of properties. Transport can be carried out by all types of transport, which ensures the safety of containers.

Packaging / volume:

Bucket 25 kg, Barrel 250 kg


For paint application we recommend using a pneumatic spray gun or a brush, roller or in bulk in 2-4 layers (depending on the application).

Intermediate drying each layer at 20 (± 2) ° C — 4-8 hours.

Before use, the paint must be thoroughly mixed and optionally diluted with water to a viscosity (not more than 5% by weight).

The application of paint at a temperature between + 5 ° C to 40 ° C at 80% relative humidity.

The final formation of a flame retardant coating takes place 7 days after the paint application.

Fire resistance table

Metal thickness, mm

Coating thickness, mm

Paint consumption, kg/m2

Fire resistance, min.

3,4 (I-beams №20) 1,32 1,93 60
4,1 (I-beams №30) 1,74 2,63 90