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fire protection of metal structures "OGNEBAZALT MET"

Fireproof adhesive
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Fireproof basalt material PMBOR
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Constructive fire protection of metal structures "OGNEBAZALT MET" is a system of complex fire retardant coating for increasing the fire resistance of metal engineering and building structures used in all types of structures and buildings for civil and industrial purposes. Provides in accordance with regulatory requirements, the fire resistance of structures from 45 to 150 minutes, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

The system includes fire protection composition "OGNET" and Fireproof basalt material "PMBOR".
Fireproof composition "OGNET" is a suspension of an aqueous solution of sodium silicate with mineral fillers. Acts as an adhesive basis for the material PMBOR as a part of the constructive fire protection "OGNEBAZALT MET". Fire-resistant mastic "OGNET" provides a reliable fixation of basalt material on metal.

The fireproof basalt material PMBOR is a layer of chaotically located basaltic superthin fibers, which are fastened together naturally without the addition of glue, are sewn with a knitting and piercing method. The material is glued with a layer of foil.

The necessary fire resistance limits for the "OGNEBAZALT-MET" system are achieved by selecting the thickness of the PMBOR and the "OGNET" layer to the reduced thickness of the metal in accordance with the table "Limits of fire resistance of the" OGNEBAZALT-MET "system.



Thickness, mm.

metal thickness

Пfire resistance limit, R

OGNET consumption per m2, kg. 

PMBOR-5 20 5 3,4 45 1
PMBOR-5 20 5 3,4 60 1,5
PMBOR-8 10 8 3,4 90 2
PMBOR-13 10 13 3,4 120 2
PMBOR-16 10 16 3,4 150 1,5
PMBOR-16 10 16 2,4 90 2