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SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation for wood 25 kg.

SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation for wood 25 kg. SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation for wood 25 kg.

100 руб/кг

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II группа огнезащитной эффективности не менее 150 гр/м2
I группа огнезащитной эффективности не менее 300 гр/м2
Температура применения от +5°С до +40°С
Время до полного высыхания 24 часа
Морозостойкость не замерзает
Соотношение пропитки к воде 1:4 л
Цвет прозрачный
Упаковка  мешок 25 кг
Масса раствора 125 кг
Страна производитель Россия

ВНИМАНИЕ! Вводите данные о количестве товара строго кратно упаковке. В противном случае подсчеты будут неверными.


TREATMENT 1 sq.m. for 2.7 rubles. !!!

This bag of solid impregnation enough to handle:
660m2 to achieve the Group II fire retardant effectiveness
330m2 to achieve the Group I fire retardant effectiveness

Operating principle:

Wood treated impregnation "Fire-proof materials, PO" becomes retardant, allowing the wood when exposed to fire longer resist fire and high temperatures, unlike untreated. Assuming the continuation of coverage, service life ended - at least 15 years.

Application area:

For bio and fire protection of wood products and wooden structures.


  • fire-protective

  • Bio-protective

  • Transparent (allows you to send an invoice of treated wood)

  • Compatible with any flame retardants "Fire-proof materials"

How to use:

Dilute dry impregnation in impregnation ratio of 1 part to 4 parts of water (by volume). Application of impregnation at a temperature between + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C. Before applying the fire-retardant coating timber should be prepared. Wood moisture content before processing should not exceed 8 - 15%. Shelf life of diluted impregnation 12 months.

The surface of the wood must be no visible defects and resin inclusions. Side surfaces must be ostrogannoj, ends and sawdust treated sandpaper.
Protects the surface should be cleaned from dust, dirt, grease.

There are two ways of processing of wood:

Application ognebiozaschitnogo composition on the surface of wood with a roller, a brush or any spray device. Application of the composition to be abundant and uniform across the treated surface.
Immersing the material in composition. To handle DATA way to use the capacity of any material. The immersion time in the range 30-60 minutes. This method is the most efektiven for processing large quantities of wood.
Job processing timber recommended at ambient temperature and the treated surface is less than + 5C. Treated wood should be protected from ingress of water and precipitation.


Protect glass surfaces. When using drugs to use personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves. After contact with the skin and eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Storage and transpotrirovka: Keep away from detey.Transportirovat from food. Store in a tightly closed container, protected from direct sunlight.