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SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation

SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation SOLID Fire-Bio retardant impregnation

100 руб/кг

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For cotton At least 200 гр/м2
Для хлопкополиэфирной ткани At least 170 гр/м2
For synthetic cloth At least 180 гр/м2
Application temperature от +5°С до +40°С
Drying time 24h
Frost-resistance does not freeze
Color transparent
Packaging 25 kg bag.
Manufacturer country Russia



SOLID Fire retardant impregnation «OGNEZA-PO» designed to protect cloth and carpets from the fire. Processing of cloth with fire retardant impregnation provides a transition material to «inflammable» according to GOST 50810-95 with the prescribed flow rate per m2 of impregnating fibrous cloth. Processing is carried out to prevent the occurrence and spread of fire, as well as to protect the cloth against harmful agents (fungi, mold). Fire retardant impregnation can be used for the new cloth and for materials which been subjected to fire-retardant treatment. Impregnation does not form a salt or alkaline stains on the surface of the treated material. «OGNEZA-PO» does not change the properties of the cloth and does not affect its structure. SOLID form provides convenience of transport and storage: the weight and the volume occupied by the product is significantly less than the liquid counterpart.

Application area:

For fire protection cloth and carpets, and transfer them to a class «inflammable» according to GOST 50810-95;

For bio- and fire protection cloth and carpets from pests, fungi and mold.


  • Fire protection
  • Bio protection
  • Transparent (leaves no alkaline or salt divorces)
  • Compatible with any fire retardant products «OGNEZA»
  • Convenient and economical to store and transport (shelf life −20 years).

Operating principle:

Treated cloth becomes inflammable, which allows to the cloth resist exposed to fire longer and higher temperatures, unlike untreated. Assuming the continuation of coverage, service life — more then 15 years.

Transport and Storage:

Storage and transport temperature form −60 ° C to + 80 ° C. Shelf life of SOLID fire retardant impregnation is 20 years at a relative humidity of 80%.

Keep away from children. Transported separately from food.

Store in a tightly closed container, protected from direct sunlight.

Packaging / volume:

25 kg bag.


Before applying the fire-retardant impregnation is necessary to prepare, its humidity before processing should not exceed 8 — 15%.

You should pre-clean cloth from the dust, dirt, grease. Application of impregnation at a temperature between + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C. Application: spraying.


When using fire-retardant impregnation worker should use personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves. After contact with the skin and eyes, rinse with plenty of water.